Business Plans

Business Plans

In order for a third party, such as a banker, loan company, mortgage company or venture capitalist to provide funds to you and your business, they must be assured that their money will not end up being a business loss or write-off. Without exception, bankers, loan companies, mortgage companies and venture capitalists are looking for a healthy return on their investment. There are a number of ways to minimise the risk of write-off:

  • Create a great business plan.

Good business plans should be used for a variety of purposes. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that a business plan is only useful to help them raise money for their business. However, a well written business plan is in invaluable tool to help you run your business as well. By having a viable business plan, not only will you be able to see how your business is progressing, but you will also be able to impart your vision to others. They will be able to see how well you are running your business with respect to your initial goals and make an informed decision about any risks associated with your business.

  • Track your business plan.

Your business plan should encapsulate all of the ideas you had when you started your business. In reality, it is an entrepreneur’s recipe for success. You have taken the time and had the good sense to write or have a business plan written for you in the first place. By reviewing your business plan periodically, you should be able to see why events in your business have gone differently to your original business plan, irrespective of the effect (positive or negative).

  • Regularly update your business plan .

Over time, things will change for your business. In some cases, they will change outside of your direct control. Updating your business plan will allow you to plan appropriately to reflect the dynamic changes occurring outside of your direct control and that could have an impact on your business. You should always be prepared to update your business plan to ensure that you have sufficient contingency plans to deal with external influences that could affect the way you do business.

Let us create your Business Plan for you.

Remember a good business plan should outline the structure of your business, what you want to achieve and how you will go about it. It should clearly state the product or service, the customer and the growth potential. The plan should be accurate and realistic and written in good clear English showing clearly the financial, marketing and operational facts, sales and profit forecasts, and capital requirements. A good plan also allows you to work out how to make the business a success and spot any possible problems along the way. When setting out a plan with realistic targets you will be able to monitor the progress and go back to the plan if things go wrong.

A good business plan should never be boring as this reflects your enthusiasm about your new business (or lack of it). It should be interesting enough so your readers become enthusiastic.

If writing a business plan is not your cup of tea then you should come to us, so that we can write a professional business plan for you. Here at DATIX Ventures S.L. we only state provable facts that have been properly researched and we do not use business plan templates or automated software.

We strive to ensure your business development plans are accurate and realistic so as to convince potential investors, bankers and others, that you and your business  has a well researched strategy, a good recipe for success and have paid attention to the smallest detail. This approach will provide the confidence in others. about you and your business ideas.

A very professional finish

We take great care to capture your business ideas and all of your thoughts. After we have completed the process, we then collect any supporting evidence and assemble the facts along with your vision into an accurate document that is designed to impress even the most skeptic of readers.

Having a good business plan is only part of the job. The presentation of the plan makes a powerful statement about you and your business aspirations. In these days of low cost laser and ink jet printers, it is possible to produce quality documents that look like they came off of a home computer or from an office machine. When presenting a business plan or some other business collateral, perception is everything. The quality of the materials you provide in support of your business, tells a great deal about you and your business.

At DATIX Enterprise S.L., we use top of the line printer technology to transfer text and graphics to your business plan. This type of printer is used in commercial print and high quality graphic houses  to print at a resolution of 1200 dots per inch, for an ultra sharp and very crisp document. Most home and office printers have a print resolution between 300 and 600 dots per inch  Our print technology is comparable to that found in very high quality glossy magazines. Of course, if we printed your business plan on ordinary printer paper (typically 80 gsm),  the finish would be far superior to the print found on most office and home printers. However, the finished goods would not convey the level of quality

Our business plans are printed on 120 gsm brilliant white stock paper for the normal pages. The business plan covers are printed on 200 gsm card stock and then strip bound with heavy duty transparent top covers to produce a stunningly professionally presented document that would not go amiss in the boardroom of any fortune 100 company.

For a professionally written business plan contact us today and let us take the burden away from you.

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