Business Startups

Business Startups – How to Start a Business

Are you looking to start a new business but don’t know where to start?

Some of the questions you may have, could be:

I have a business idea, but don’t know where to start?

You will need to speak to someone who can give you an honest and neutral opinion about your business ideas. You need to understand all the aspects that go into making a successful business. Speaking to someone with experience in the business world is key to getting the right advice. If you have an idea you can contact DATIX Enterprise S.L. for impartial advice.

Where can I get good advice and support?

We can offer you practical advice on every aspect of starting up your new business venture. We have the skills, knowledge and experience in giving you the very best advice. Our formal business methodologies will be a valuable tool to help your new business succeed. Contact us today and you will soon be talking to an expert who will be able to guide you through the process of starting your new business up.

How do I go about making a business plan?

A good business plan is essential for any new business. You need a well written plan that clearly explains the goals of your business and how you intend to achieve them. We can offer you a professional business plan tailored to the specific needs of your new or existing business.

Where do I go to get finance for my business?

DATIX Enterprise S.L. can help you to identify a variety of sources that will assist you to find finance for your business, based on your particular circumstances. In the section below, we have identified different sources of funding options that are available to you and your business. We work with many different types of people and organisations to help you find the correct solution to suit your business circumstances.

The first rule of business is….Cash flow is king!!!. Every business needs finance and there are lots of different types of finance available. Bank Finance is where banks lend you money and you pay back the money with interest over a period of time. Equity finance can be raised by external investors; Venture Capitalists are people or companies willing to exchange equity in their company in return for money for start-up businesses or already established businesses wishing to expand. Angel Investors or Business Angels generally want less control of your business with a slower return on their investment.

How can I promote my new business?

Promoting your new business is one of the key hurdles to a successful business. If your customer base does not know you exist, then they will not know of your product or services. An hour a day spent on promotion will yield tangible and positive results. DATIX Enterprise S.L. can help you produce a comprehensive marketing strategy, with fixed costs and tangible results. Articles and press releases are all good promotion tools and you can find tips on how to write them and where to send them on the internet. We can help you to promote your web presence and other forms of business promotion

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