Doing business in Spain

Doing business in Spain?

Discover the advantages of using a single provider for all your business needs in Spain. We’re aware that many of our clients face language and cultural issues when setting up their business in Spain. That’s why DATIX Enterprise S.L. is built around filling all your needs in your language. Once you have determined the best way to establish your business, be it a resident company (SL or SA), a branch, or a nonresident company, we provide all the follow-up services you might need: accounting, payroll, tax advice, VAT registration, immigration, virtual office, and legal work.

Buying a house?

See our flat-fee legal service for property transactions. DATIX Enterprise S.L. has been providing conveyancing since the year 2000, so avoid unnecessary risks and place your house purchase in expert hands.

Not from the EU and want to live in Spain?

Our immigration expert can look over your documents and help you determine the best way to receive permanent status in Spain.
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