Bank Introduction Services

Datix Enterprise S.L. provides bank introduction services, which help our clients to open corporate and private bank accounts.

Our company offers the following comprehensive services at moderate fees:

  • Informs you about available bank services and requirements
  • Supplies you with bank application forms and a detailed instruction, which helps you to prepare your personal documents, complete the forms and email them to our company for pre-screening
  • Prepares corporate documents according to the banks requirements
  • Receives your completed bank forms via email, pre-screens them and provides your with recommendations improving presentation of your business information included in the form
  • Introduces you to the bank
  • Emails your completed bank forms to the bank for its initial review
  • Obtains a bank’s initial decision on your application (usually positive)
  • Informs you about bank’s initial decision
  • Instructs you to send all required personal and corporate documents and signed application forms (in paper form) to the bank for its final review
  • Monitors account opening process and helps you to get your account opened in timely manner
  • Offers you information support over the phone, fax and email during account opening process.
  • Datix Enterprise S.L. is not a financial institution and does not offer or provide any financial services. Our company offers business consulting and incorporation services.
  • The Client must submit to the bank all required documents, completed and signed bank forms and information requested by the bank.
  • The bank could request any additional information and/or documents from the Client at its discretion and the Client must comply with the bank requirements.
  • The bank makes its own decision about each application based on client’s personal documents and business activities. Datix Enterprise S.L. has no control over bank’s actions and decisions, and does not accept any responsibility for bank’s actions and decisions.
  • The introduction services are available to our clients, who registered their companies using our services. If you registered your company with somebody else, you should order a new company from us, or transfer your existing company from your current service provider to our company to become eligible for our bank introduction services.
  • If you are interested in opening a bank account in Spain, your personal visit of our Spanish office is mandatory.

Important Notice

The bank’s acceptance rate of our clients referred to the bank is around 95%. About 5% of applications are declined due to inability clients to provide required personal documents and references or nature and current condition of clients businesses.

Our clients, who use this bank have high level of satisfaction with the bank’s services. The only inconvenience is the bank does not offer debit cards at the present time.

Our company highly recommends this bank.

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