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DATIX Enterprise S.L. is a Spain based service that connects entrepreneurs, business startups and established corporations with Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Corporate Investors, Potential Partners and target data on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Two of the main reasons to why some Businesses fail to take off are down to inadequate business capital and poor management skills. This is why raising money is important in the early stages of a business. The situation facing most new businesses today is that there is a critical need for start up and early round financing. And the vast majority of companies do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. In order to start a business you need capital to get it off the ground and keep it off the ground as well as to cover early finances, you need a Private Investor.

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A Private Investor will help your new business reach success by giving you a great source of start-up business capital in return for an equity stake. Private Investors take a risk on your behalf and invest in all types of new businesses, so whether you are going into interior design, art and photography, contracting, catering or opening a new day care centre, a Private Investor will be able to help.

Businesses that show promise of success attract Private Investors, as do businesses that Private Investors find of interest. Most Private Investors also usually invest in businesses away from their homes and or offices.

Private Investors offer new businesses top contacts for everything they need, which otherwise can be extremely hard to find, making Private Investors invaluable to a new business venture.

So who exactly are these Private Investors? Well the vast majority are generally wealthy individuals; Private Investors are exceptionally successful entrepreneurs, meaning not only can a Private Investor offer a new business start-up capital; they have their expert advice and outstanding management skills.

Private Investors are concerned with the success of a business and are willing to do everything it takes to see a business grow and succeed.

Are you an already established investor or wishing to become one? Maybe you have a successful business and now would like to use your knowledge and experience to help other businesses get off the ground. You may just be willing to share your knowledge and give advice or maybe you are looking for a hot new opportunity that you wish to invest in. If this sounds like you then we want to hear from you.

We are always getting new business ventures who are looking for investors. If you want to join our Investors Club please sign up here then we can match the investor with the right type of business opportunity.

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