Private Jet Charter


Our private jet charter solutions are designed to fit the needs of businesses operating in the competitive European economy. We understand that some meetings often require a same day charter flight for a face to face meeting, while other families require the expediency and privacy of travel during family holidays. DATIX Enterprise S.L. responds to this need by contracting jet charter services out of almost any city worldwide, with as little as four hours notice.

In the super mid-size and heavy jet class, Gulfstream offers a large and spacious cabin making it perfect for non-stop international flights to destinations including Moscow, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. Flights to the Southern and Northern America and South Africa are also possible.

We are pleased to offer families competitive rates on charter bookings with up to 7% discounts, as well as waiver of the minimum daily flight time (normally 2 hours per day) for extended trips for those families with usage over USD$500,000 during an 18 month period.

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