According to the ancient Roman statesman Cicero (BC 106 – BC 43): “To understand my problems, You must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words”.

This is one of the oldest and most powerful truths. Whenever someone comes to you with a potential solution to any of your problems, the very first question you should ask yourself is: “Whose problem are these people trying to solve? Mine? or Theirs?

You have come to our website to solve your specific business problems, not ours!. It is our obligation to listen attentively to your problems, understand your requirements completely and to provide you with a comprehensive service-delivery solution, conveniently priced and packaged to solve your business requirement.

Problem determination

We use formal methodologies to examine core areas of potential weaknesses and we break them down into specific areas targeted for improvement:

  1. Strategic and tactical (The overall business management and plan)
  2. Operational and delivery processes. (The core functionality of the business)
  3. Supporting processes (Functions that are necessary to support the core functionality)

Our services are designed to help your company meet and exceed all of your expectations. Hence our strap line of Transcending Expectations . Many businesses try to grow too quickly and eventually bust apart at the seams. We have services to examine business problems from a neutral perspective and propose structured business solutions to help you overcome most of your difficulties.

Problem resolution

Having identified and quantified, areas of your business you agree require improvement, it is important to formulate a plan, create a strategy and prioritise effort to yield the best results, with the least amount of upheaval. We will assist you to bring in corrective change, without causing upheaval in your company, or causing stress to your valued staff.

Referring to our original quotation above and using a simple analogy, it took a period of time for your company to settle into the way it currently runs. Changing your company to run in a more efficient and productive manner, will also take time. As is often stated, “Rome was not built in a day.” Implementing constructive change, will take time and patience. We do not practice the “Big Bang Theory”, rather, we make incremental changes and monitor the results.

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